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The Lord has blessed the ministry with many workers in the past 50+ years. Some have served for as many as 25+ years; others have been with the ministry for just a short time. All have been used by God to help further the mission of SAEM.

SAE Founded

In 1964, after having served in Guadalajara, Mexico, William J. (Bill) and Dorothy Morgan, along with their three children, moved to El Paso, Texas, to start churches in the El Paso/Cd. Juárez metroplex. They formed Spanish American Evangelism at that time. Soon they had started the New Testament Christian Church in El Paso.

Mission Partners

The following year, Freeman and Carolyn Bump and their five children (Bump's Mission to Mexico), arrived in El Paso to join the work. They concentrated their efforts in Cd. Juárez and established several "Iglesias de Cristo" (Christian churches) in the Galeana, Independencia, Cementera & Revolución colonies. These churches are not only active to this day but have grown into a network of about 10 churches in the metroplex area.

Rapid Growth

Things did not take long to get off the ground, SAE started growing quickly expanding its ministry into a far reaching radio program that broadcast its program as far south as Mexico city, a correspondence Bible course and eventually in the 1980s into what we are most known for...printing.

In 1981, with the coming of Bill Baker as director, SAE started to go into the printing ministry – specializing in the printing of tracts and the distribution of other Christian literature , including New Testaments and Bibles. The ministry grew to where almost 1,000,000 tracts were being printed and distributed annually.

Adding the "M" in SAEM

In the early 2000s, several ministries merged with SAE to become Spanish American Evangelistic Ministries or SAEM. We now consist of  a Media Ministry, Benevolence Ministry & Missions Ministry.

Media Ministry

As the world has gone to a more digital means of communication, SAEM has gone digital. New tracts are being developed and the old ones are being converted into digital formats. SAEM also continues to print literature.

Benevolence Ministry

Our primary focus at SAEM is to share the gospel in everything we do, that includes benevolence. We partner with churches to use their community outreach as an opportunity, not just to help, but to share the gospel with programs such as our Christmas events or like the Offering For The Saints.